What Does Preapproved Mean?

When a lender preapproves you for a credit card, it means they ran a soft inquiry credit check on you. The purpose of this credit check is to make sure you are qualified to receive credit.

What Credit Card Do I Qualify For?

Discover has a fast, simple, and secure online preapproval tool to help you check offers specific to you, without hurting your credit score.

Check Your Credit Score: Discover Survey

The best time to work on improving your credit score is before you need it — before you're ready to purchase that house or apply for a loan. Check out the latest survey data from Discover.

What is a Credit Profile?

Your credit profile — also known as your credit history — can impact whether you're approved for new credit cards or loans, and at what terms.

What Is a Credit Rating?

Are you unsure what a good credit rating is and why it is important for your financial future? Learn how your credit rate is determined and how it can impact you.

How Do Late Payments Affect My Credit Score?

Late payments are major factor in your credit score and can affect your credit in different ways. Make sure you understand exactly how they impact you and how you can avoid them altogether.