What Is a Credit Card Markup Fee?

Merchants want the ability to add surcharges when a customer is using a credit card. However, the practice is not widespread in the U.S. Find out more today.

What Are the Requirements for a Credit Card?

Even if you are young, do not have a credit history or are just getting started at your first “real" job, there are several ways for you to get approved for a credit card. Find out how today.

When Should I Get a Credit Card?

You don't have to wait to get a credit card until you have a specific need for it. You may benefit from opening a line of credit as soon as possible. Learn more today.

What Is a Schumer Box?

The Schumer box is a standardized table that includes the rates, fees, terms, and conditions of a given credit card agreement. Learn how to read this important information

How to Increase Credit Limits on Your Cards

When you understand the factors that are important to the credit card issuer, you may stand a better chance of having your own limit increased when you inquire. Take back control of your situation.