5 Ways Credit Cards are Better Than Cash

Have you ever been torn between using cash or a credit card as a method of payment? Using cash can have some advantages, but there are several ways that credit cards can be better.

Should I Get a Second Credit Card?

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How Does Cash Back Work?

Cash back is a perk offered by many credit cards as a way to rewards your credit card use. Here's how cash back works and why it's a great feature to have on any credit card.

How to Manage Your Credit Card Rewards

Credit card rewards may get overlooked as a savings strategy, but they are a useful way to help reach your goals. Here's how to manage your rewards so you can save more and spend less down the road.

How to Find The Best Deals

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Best Discover Deals for Baseball Fans

Cheering on your favorite baseball team these days is not cheap. However, with Discover Deals, you have an opportunity to save just by using your card at the ballpark.

Top Perks of Discover’s Official NHL Credit Card

Face paint and team gear are admirable ways to support your hockey team, but they're not the only tricks at your disposal. With your NHL® Discover® it card, you'll earn a discount at the NHL® store.