Are you looking to save money on your next vacation? If the answer is “yes,” — then your Discover card can help. It not only helps you save on getting to your destination, but also on your stay once you arrive, with discounts on hotels, airport car rentals, airfare and cruises through Discover Deals.

Discover it® Miles Card

Earn Unlimited 1.5x Miles on Every Purchase.

Save on Transportation with Airfare Deals and Car Rental Deals

Before you book a flight, it’s worth taking a look at Discover’s partnerships with online travel agencies that offer discounted airfare. For example, when you visit through Discover Deals, you can receive a discount on service fees. Or, if your getaway involves four wheels (either driving there or picking up a car once you land), Discover Deals features offers from several of the leading car rental companies, including discounts, free upgrades and even a free weekend day.

Save on Your Stay with Hotel Deals and Cruise Deals

For hotel stays, Discover Deals allows you to save in two ways. First, it partners with online travel agencies that offer discounts on reservations at select hotels. Second, through the Cruise and Vacation Desk offers, Discover Deals includes offers from hotels that sometimes include credit toward food and beverage purchases during your stay. And if you’re not looking to stay on land, you can find great deals on Caribbean cruises with major cruise lines.

Using Discover Deals for Travel Purchases

These offers are valid for most Discover card users, including those with Discover it®, Discover it® Chrome and Discover it® Miles cards. And best of all, you can still earn Cashback Bonus and Miles rewards from travel purchases made with your Discover card.

To start saving money on travel, log on to Discover Deals’ Travel section using your Discover username and password. Next, browse the available travel deals; you can sort them alphabetically by merchant, by the newest offers or by the ones expiring soon. When you find a deal that interests you, you can use it right away or save it for later — just be sure to note the deal’s expiration date so you don’t miss out.

Once you’re ready to make a purchase, use the link from the Discover Deals site to view the terms and conditions of the offer. To take advantage of an online offer on another website, click the “Shop Now” button, which takes you directly to the merchant’s website, and then make your travel reservations the way you normally would, paying with your Discover card.

Discover it® Miles Card


Earn Unlimited 1.5x Miles on Every Purchase.

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