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5 Ways to Redeem Your Credit Card Rewards

From free airline tickets to using points to pay for a new TV, credit card rewards programs provide many ways to save money on everyday items. But with so many ways to redeem points and bonus rewards, how do you decide what's right for you? Here are some tips to help you make the most of your credit card rewards.

Getting the most rewards from a credit card

Great tips on how to earn the most rewards when using your credit card. How you can earn rewards at places you already shop when you shop with affiliated merchants. Even setting up automatic bill payment can be rewarding...

Best Credit Card Rewards

Searching for the best credit card entails a lot of research. Some of the best credit card rewards include cash back offers, 0% interest rates, airline miles, discount coupons, gift cards and merchandise. Learn how to find the best card for you.

Online Shopping Tricks

With the holiday season fast approaching, we're always looking for ways to make shopping easier. optimize your online shopping this holiday by using these tricks that minimize headaches an maximize your card's rewards.

1. Discover it card’s average “Overall Rating” based on reviews by cardmembers as seen at

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