Your credit report contains some key information about the state of your finances, and it’s a document that employers, landlords and lenders may have access to or obtain. It’s can be helpful to obtain a copy for yourself and read through it. Of course, a credit report will never be as scintillating as a juicy novel — or your crush’s password-protected social media accounts! — but having some familiarity with the terms in your report can help you understand what its contents are actually saying.

The more you understand the terms and the common features of a credit report, the more you’ll likely be able to get a full view of your financial picture, including areas where you may need work.

Now you know how well you understand specific (and important!) credit card terms — if you did well, you could be on your way to totally conquering credit. (And if you didn’t do perfectly, you can always take the quiz again. We won’t tell!)

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