Make online shopping easier, more fun and more rewarding with these tips and tricks.

You may think you’re an online shopping virtuoso how to utilize credit cards with the best rewards for shopping? Take a look at the tricks below to see if you’ve really mastered the art of shopping online without paying shipping charges or standing in line at the post office to return a late-night impulse buy.

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Save on Shipping

Veteran online shoppers rarely pay full price for shipping. Many major retailers offer free shipping and returns. Free returns make it easier and less expensive to purchase something you’re not 100 percent sure about. If it doesn’t fit, you can pop it back in the mail with the enclosed return label. 

Also, many major clothing retailers allow customers to return items bought online in-store, saving you money on return shipping.

One of the most popular programs for free shipping is Amazon Prime. It comes with a monthly or yearly cost, but shoppers who frequently buy from the retail giant will come out far ahead in the end. Prime membership includes unlimited free two-day shipping on millions of eligible items, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows and monthly free Kindle downloads. Plus, Discover it cardmembers have the opportunity to apply their Cashback Bonus to any purchase on

Faster Customer Service

Have an issue or a question about an online purchase? There are many alternatives to wasting time on hold. Most major retailers have a Live Chat function that allows you to open a dialogue box on the page and send messages to a representative. In most cases the response is much faster than calling, and you can continue on with other tasks on your computer instead of sitting on hold.

Social media is also a powerful tool to get help quickly. Tweet or post on Facebook and tag the brand. The majority of major brands have constant social monitoring in place and a question about a purchase or a complaint is likely to be answered promptly.

If you do have to call customer service, try visiting Get Human first, which gives you the best corporate phone number and provides tips on how to talk with an actual human fastest.

Earn More Rewards

Mobile-based apps are providing a new way for shoppers to connect online and offline experiences and earn more rewards. Shopkick is just one type of mobile app that offers free gift cards just for walking through the doors of your favorite store. You can browse items from popular stores online and search for promotions. Then you turn on the app before walking into the store and you earn rewards points for being there, scanning items and making purchases.

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Create a Personalized Shopping Experience

There are several digital tools you can use to shop smarter online. Signing up for every brand’s newsletter will overwhelm your email inbox and can lead to entirely too many impulse purchases. Set a filter in your email account to send all brand emails to a separate folder (see instructions for how to do this in Gmail here). Then you can browse the folder when you have a particular shopping objective and a budget in mind.

You can also set up alerts to let you know when a must-have item is back in stock or on sale. Online fashion aggregators such as Net-a-Porter and Matches Fashion will send you an email when an item comes back in stock and Shopbop will alert you when an item on your “wish list” goes on sale. There are also widgets such as Keep that allow you to name your size and color preference and receive an alert when selected high-end items are discounted.

Along with the tricks above here are some additional quick tips to become an Online Shopping Whiz:

  • Before a purchase always do a quick search for coupons and discount codes. Googling coupon codes for specific merchants could help you save instantly on your online purchase.
  • Also take the time to perform a quick search of other sites to research a specific item. The same Nikes you love on may be on sale at
  • If you have an unusual size (say size 5 or 11 in women’s shoes) always filter searches by size first so you don’t waste time looking at options that won’t fit.
  • Read the fine print of return policies. You can save a lot of money in returns by knowing that return shipping is free, but only for the first 14 days. Also knowing that the brand only accepts returns for in-store credit can curb a flighty spending spree.
  • Carefully consider if you want your favorite sites to store your shopping credit card information. One-click shopping is convenient, but can expose you to additional risk of credit card fraud if the site is hacked.

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