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How can I earn cash rewards shopping online?

One valuable credit card perk that is often overlooked is online rewards malls or "shopping portals." Your credit card's bonus mall is one of the fastest ways to earn rewards, and it's free to eligible cardmembers. The next time you decide to shop online, consider making your credit card issuer's website your first stop. Shopping through your credit card's rewards mall gives you access to exclusive discounts and can help you earn double or triple rewards, like unlimited 5-20% cash back at hundreds of retailers--- all with a click of your mouse.

How to Earn Cash Back on Your Next Purchase

1. Apparel
Whether you are shopping for new shoes, a particular coat, or simply looking to save on everyday fashions, your credit card's reward mall is a convenient way to quickly browse and compare prices at a variety of retailers from specialty to department stores. Simply search by retailer or product and you can see your eligible bonus rewards along with coupon codes and special offers like free shipping deals.

2. Travel
Your credit card website may not be at the top of your places to book travel, but it's where you can find exclusive deals and discounts on airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruises. For example, Discover cardmembers can earn between 5-20% Cashback Bonus on purchases made through ShopDiscover at a variety of travel, car-rental and vacation sites.

3. Appliances & Electronics
Shopping for a new computer, TV or home appliance? Credit card companies often partner with many consumer electronics retailers allowing you to earn cash back or points on a variety of home electronics and appliances through their rewards mall. This could add up to substantial savings on big ticket items like a new plasma TV, refrigerator or washer and dryer. For instance, Discover, cardmembers can earn up to 20% Cashback Bonus at a variety of electronics stores with the added assurance of built-in protection perks such as price protection, Purchase Protection, extended product warranty and return guarantee on eligible purchases made with their Discover card.

4. Home Improvement
From décor to home remodeling, your credit card's bonus mall can help you save on time and materials for your next project. Discover cardmembers enjoy 5-20% Cashback Bonus on hardware and home furnishings at many popular online retailers. For example, if you're in the market for new kitchen cabinets or hardwood flooring, cardmembers can simply enter the product or manufacturer they are looking for in the search box and ShopDiscover will return a list of related products with their cost, a price comparison, and a direct link to the retailer's website.

5. Beauty Products
Each year, Americans spend billions of dollars on beauty products ranging from cosmetics to skin care products and designer fragrances1. With partnerships with major cosmetic brands, beauty superstores, and department stores, your credit card rewards mall can help you save on your favorite or go-to make-up or skin care items. In addition to free samples, you can earn cash rewards and take advantage of free shipping deals.

6. Eyewear
Purchasing your eyeglasses, contact lenses and sunglasses through your credit card rewards mall can lead to big savings in the form of cash back, free shipping and special rebates. For instance, Discover cardmembers can take advantage of up to 20% Cashback Bonus and special rebate offers when ordering contacts or sunglasses through ShopDiscover.

7. Flowers
Whether it's a special occasion, holiday or ‘just because', flowers are a timeless gift. Savvy cardmembers can earn double points or cash rewards on flower purchases made through their credit card rewards mall. Discover cardmembers enjoy as much as 20% Cashback Bonus at several popular florist chains through ShopDiscover.

8. Sporting Goods
Are you in need of new running shoes, fitness apparel, golf clubs, or looking to save on your child's sporting equipment? Shopping through you credit card rewards mall is a great way to compare prices and earn cash rewards on a variety of sporting goods, for you or the sports enthusiast in your life.

9. Jewelry
Considering buying a new watch or a diamond bracelet for special someone? Believe it or not, your credit card rewards mall can offer large savings with cash back or double points on purchases ranging from designer watches to engagement rings and diamond necklaces at major jewelry stores and online retailers.

10. Daily Deals
Daily deals allow people to save on a variety of experiences from dining, shopping entertainment and everyday services. Buying a daily deal through your credit card's rewards mall can help you save even more, like earning extra 5-20% Cashback Bonus or double rewards points on top of your purchase.

How Do Credit Card Shopping Portals Work?
First, find out if the credit cards you have are eligible to earn rewards through an online shopping mall. If your card is eligible, you must log in to your credit card account to be connected to their online shopping portal. Once you are logged in to your credit card's shopping mall, you will be able to browse from a list of online retailers and see the available rewards and discounts. When you click on a select merchant, your web browser will be forwarded to that retailer's website and a file will be saved on your computer so that your cash back rewards or points will be automatically applied at check out when you use pay using an eligible card. Any purchases made through your credit card's online shopping mall will be credited to your rewards total. When used responsibly, online shopping malls can help you get the most rewards for every dollar you spend.

1Source: Statista " Cosmetic Industry Statistics"

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