Money Resolutions? How a Credit Card Can Actually Help

Find cards that can help stretch your budget by rewarding your everyday spending.

Like many people after the holidays, you may be feverishly making resolutions to save money and budget better in the upcoming year. Vowing to manage your finances more wisely in the future can be easier when you channel the rewards of highly rated credit cards for smarter spending. By looking for credit cards with the best rewards, you can earn cash back and points without sacrificing your lifestyle. Below are some easy ways you can stretch your budget further, earn more rewards and even start funding next year’s holiday purchases.

Everyday Cash Back

Look for a credit card with exceptional everyday rewards or find out which rewards your current credit card offers on purchases you make all the time. Many cards offer a standard 1-2% cash back and some offer additional points for rotating seasonal categories on things like groceries, gas, online purchases or holiday shopping. Discover offers 5% Cashback Bonus on online shopping and department store purchases up to $1,500, when you sign up from October through December for cardmembers, just in time for holiday shopping.

Discover It Card

Earn big‑time cash back that never expires.


Earn big‑time cash back that never expires.


Get the credit card that's got it all: Discover it®.

Discover it® gives you big‑time cash rewards with 100% U.S.‑based customer service.

Discover it Card


Get the credit card that's got it all: Discover it® 

Discover it® gives you big‑time cash rewards with 100% U.S.‑based customer service.  


Earn big‑time cash back that never expires with Discover it®

Earn big-time cash back that never expires with Discover it. See Rewards

Dining Rewards

If you’re on a budget this year, but the thought of eating another dry pot roast makes you want to cry, look into dining rewards networks. You can register your credit card at certain dining rewards programs and start earning rewards and free meals today. After signing up, you can earn points, miles and rewards at your favorite restaurants, just by eating out. Many dining rewards networks offer sign-up bonuses of around 500-1,000 points. With rewards like that, your dinner out basically pays for itself.

Travel Rewards

If you resolve to put more stamps on your passport this year, a rewards credit card could help. Maybe your holiday spending afforded you enough rewards for that tropical escape you’ve been eyeing. Or perhaps you just want to get a head start on miles for the upcoming work travel year. Consider opening a travel credit card before the holidays to make purchases and start earning rewards for vacations or business trips. The best credit cards for miles and points often offer sign-up bonuses that are enough for a free flight or hotel stay. Rewards can help with everything from heading home for the holidays to a last-minute weekend getaway.

Alerts and Mobile Banking

Maybe your resolution is to track your card usage and spending better after holiday purchases. You can set reminders to pay your bills, alerts to notify when you overspend and download mobile banking apps to track your credit card on the go. Enroll in auto pay for your monthly bills and set up email reminders to let you know when the bank is going to take the money from your account. Most credit companies have mobile apps, so card members can check their statements and even make payments from anywhere with cell phone service.

Using the Discover Mobile Banking App, cardmembers can check balances, see account activity, schedule payments and even deposit checks, all from their smartphones. Make it a habit to use these tools to better track your credit card spending in the upcoming year.

Additional Credit Perks

Maybe you think you’ve exhausted all of the rewards from your cards, but you could be missing a few. The top-rated rewards credit cards offer additional perks for cardmembers. You should look for these incentives when choosing the best credit card for rewards. Some cards offer travel benefits like no foreign transaction fees, shopping perks like extended warranty and return protection and driving features like roadside assistance and complimentary auto rental insurance. While you shouldn’t choose a card just for the extra perks, these added benefits help to use your credit card to its full earning potential.

Keeping your money resolutions should be easy when you put your rewards credit card and its offers to good use. By utilizing everyday cash back, earning rewards on dining out, tracking your spending and understanding additional features on your card, saving money can be stress-free and enjoyable, any time of the year.

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Earn big-time cash back that never expires with Discover it. See Rewards