After a long day, all you want to do is disconnect and drift softly off to sleep. But sometimes, your brain just won’t get with the program. Fear not. Here are some common thoughts that keep us awake—along with ideas to help tame your wandering mind.

Thought one: I never replied to that message!

Texting in a dark room - Modern Life

What to tell yourself: If it was really that important, your friend would have called or at least texted a passive aggressive, “Hello?!”

Thought two: Maybe I should watch one more episode of [insert latest TV obsession].

Watching television in the middle of the night - Modern Life

What to tell yourself: Nobody has ever gotten up in the morning and thought, “Man, I wish I’d binge watched more and slept less.”

Thought three: Should I stop posting about food so much?

Ordering food on a smartphone - Modern Life

What to tell yourself: That’s ridiculous! There’s nothing more inspiring than perfectly rolled sushi or designer street tacos. Nothing.

Thought four: Am I one of those internet addicts?

Man laying in bed on his smartphone - Modern Life

What to tell yourself: Sure, you’re online a lot. But there are just so many fascinating things to discover—like trending celebrity smoothie orders or lists about stuff that drives you crazy at bedtime.

Thought five: Did I forget to pay my credit card bill? 

Woman sitting at her desk at night paying bills - Modern Life

What to tell yourself: Tomorrow is a new day, and the perfect chance to simplify your finances. If you have multiple bills that you’re paying at multiple times, consolidating and lowering your payments could help you sleep better at night. 

Want to learn more about simplifying your finances? Find out how consolidating your monthly payments may help.

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