Building Credit

If you are working on building credit, find helpful information and tips to help build your credit history here.

What Should I Keep in My Wallet?

Learn which six things to keep in your wallet at all times, and four things you're better off leaving at home. These choices also affect the security of your personally identifiable information.

How to Get A Credit Card With No Credit

Credit history can be an important factor in getting approved for a credit card. If you have no credit history, however, there are alternative credit card options available to you.

Your First Credit Card

Learn whether you're ready for your first credit card, how to choose a starter credit card, and the best ways to build your credit history.

Should I Get a Second Credit Card?

Questioning if you should apply for a second credit card? See these five reasons why getting a second credit card may be a good idea.

More in Building Credit

What Are the Best Credit Cards for Building Credit?

One of the most effective ways to repair your credit score is to make on-time payments on a credit card. Here's some tips on how to improve your credit score by choosing the right credit cards for bad…

Should I Request an Increase to My Credit Limit?

If you're thinking about requesting a credit card limit increase, know that an increase can give you access to additional credit, but there also are times when an increase may not be as beneficial.

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