Building Credit From Scratch

Good credit is a powerful key that opens up a ton of doors. As you navigate your future, you’ll rely on your credit score to help you get credit cards, car loans and rent an apartment. One day, you’ll definitely need it for a mortgage.

What is a Credit Score?

Learn how credit scores work, what they mean to creditors as they review your loan and credit card applications, and how you can stay…

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What is Credit History?

Your credit history takes your past credit behavior, including past loans and history of paying bills on time or late, and is used as one of several tools to calculate your credit score.

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What is a Credit Bureau?

A company that collects the credit information of individuals from credit lenders and typically sells that aggregated information to credit lenders in the form of a credit report.

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Did You Know

The better your credit score, the more likely you are to land great offers for credit cards.


Credit Card Basics

Applying for a credit card can be straightforward. You’ll need a few pieces of basic information handy, like your current address and your social security number. But first, take a minute to figure out which card is best for you.

The process of getting your first credit card is straight-forward and requires just a little bit of research.

What are Interest Charges?

Interest charges are the cost of borrowing money. The interest rate that creditors charge is typically expressed in terms of an Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

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The Basics of Building Credit

More and more students have credit cards these days. This means more people are getting a head start on building credit. As a college student, there are cards specifically designed for you. This is the start of your journey.

What is a Credit Limit?

Also known as a credit line, a credit limit is the total amount of money that can be charged to a credit card. Carrying a balance close to your credit limit may affect your credit score, which is why it’s important to know your card limit.

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Managing Your Credit

Build up credit – and then keep going. Making payments on time and spending wisely are two great ways to maintain your progress.

APR is how much the company or bank issuing your credit card can charge you for borrowing money.

Understanding exactly what your credit card balance is and how it’s calculated may help you make better financial choices.


A Credit Card Gets You Perks

Another great reason for having a card is the rewards on offer. Earn cash back, discounts, points and other benefits just for paying for your everyday shopping.

Learn About Rewards

Do you know about Discover's cash back program? These free rewards for eligible Discover cardmembers let you earn cash back from using…

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How Does Cash Back Work?

Cash back is a perk offered by many credit cards as a way to rewards your credit card use. Here's how cash back works and why it's a…

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