A balance transfer is an easy way to save money on interest—and it’s one thing savvy savers do to lower their interest payments on debt.

Consider a balance transfer your saving secret weapon

Let’s say you’re juggling balances on 5 different credit cards and spending a lot on interest. So you transfer those balances to Discover. We pay off your debt, and then you pay us back.

With a balance transfer, you get 3 things:


A low
promo rate


Savings on


One simplified
monthly payment

Here’s what you need to do:

Decide which balances to pay off

Determining which balances charge the highest interest is a good place to start. You can pay off other credit cards, store cards, loans, medical bills, and more.

Savvy Tip: Make a plan to pay it all off

Your promo rate will expire and you’ll be charged your standard APR on any remaining balances. So try to make payments that will pay off your debt—or at least pay it way down—before it expires.

Find the balance transfer offer that matches your goals

When you log in to review your balance transfer offers, there are three things to consider:

Promo Rate

A low promo APR on transferred balances


How long your promo rate will last

Transfer Fee

A percentage of your total transfer

Savvy Tip: Ask yourself what’s more important

This can help you choose the right offer. Are you looking for the lowest rate? Don’t want to pay a fee? Do you need more time to pay us back?

Start paying less interest

We’ll pay off your creditors directly so you can start saving on interest.

Savvy Tip: Don’t rack up new charges

That low promo rate only applies to transferred balances. New purchases will be charged your standard purchase APR—and will ultimately add to your debt.

If you usually pay for purchases in full each month to avoid interest, transferring a balance will change that. You will be charged interest on purchases unless you choose to pay your entire balance in full, including any transferred balances, by the first payment due date.

Start saving on interest. Start your balance transfer now.