Everyone likes the idea of saving money, but not everyone knows where to look for the best money-saving offers or coupons. If you’re wondering how to find the best deals, here are five easy ways to shave dollars off your regular purchases.

Local Print Flyers and Newspapers

Do you subscribe to a local print newspaper, or get weekly grocery store flyers delivered to your door? If so, you may find great deals right at your fingertips. The nice thing about these deals is that they’ll be for local shops. On the downside, it takes time to go through the flyers and sift item-by-item, store-by-store. And keep in mind: Everyone in town gets the same sales flyers, so the best deals can go fast.

Find the Best Deals on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Seventy-seven percent of American adults now own a smartphone, and fifty-one percent own a tablet, according to a 2017 Pew Research study on U.S. smartphone usage. If you’re in this group, you can use your smartphone or tablet to download mobile coupon and savings apps to help you find the best deals. These apps (many are free) will send money-saving offers directly to your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. In some cases, brand- or store-specific apps may use beacon technology to pinpoint your exact location in-store, sending you a money-saving coupon when you enter, or when you wander the aisles of different departments.

While getting the best deals on your phone may seem very convenient at first, receiving a constant stream of these offers may become annoying — especially if you’ve downloaded more than one mobile coupon app.

Online Coupon Sites

There are two types of online coupon sites: those that are digital versions of print flyers, and those that work like a coupon app accessed on tablets, laptops or desktop computers. Here’s how they work: Once you subscribe, you’ll receive weekly emails highlighting that week’s coupons. After shopping, log in to your account and check off the purchased items, then upload a picture of your grocery store receipt to verify your purchases. Some of these sites will deposit your savings to your PayPal account once you reach a set amount (such as $20.00); others will mail you a check.

These sites help you find the best deals, but they take some time and effort both before and after your shopping trip.

Money and Savings Blogs

Many money-saving blogs and websites are operated by individuals, not commercial or retail businesses. These blogs publish deals or coupons for national grocery and retail chains daily, and sometimes even more frequently. However, unless you check them on a regular basis, you may miss out on savings.

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