Do you ever feel like vacation is calling, but your wallet can’t pick up the phone? You might be a bit short on cash, but not short on dreams to all the far-flung destinations you’d like to visit on your next holiday.

Don’t despair — there are plenty of deals and trips that won’t break the bank, whether your budget is barely there, or if you’ve got a few thousand dollars to spend but aren’t sure how far you can go.

Here’s a roundup of vacation ideas that cost less than you think and can net you some fantastic memories.

1. Camping and Road Trips

The ultimate trip that won’t break the bank: Your gas tank and your imagination are the only limits on your road trip of a lifetime.

Bring your tent or reserve a cabin at your local state park (or bed down in your van or SUV for an even cheaper trip). If you’re not the camping type but still want the road trip experience, check hotel bidding sites to score a great last-minute deal on a room. You can make your reservation right from the road.

A great option for saving on food is to hit up local food trucks and diners to enjoy a truly local experience — or cash in on happy hour or non-peak dining day specials offered by some restaurants. You can also purchase coupons from deal sites to offset your meal expenses. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy life off the beaten path.

2. Cruises

A cruise used to be considered a pricey vacation but, in recent years, has proven to be among some of the most reasonably priced vacation options — one that rolls the costs of your dining, entertainment and lodging into one price.

For the best deals, look for cruises in the “off-season,” which is generally during the school year and non-holiday times (and see more about off-season vacations below). Your only other major expense should be airfare, unless you can drive to your port, making cruises one of the easiest trips that won’t break the bank.

3. All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts may not be the the lowest priced vacation option, but can offer a significant value to travelers as they fold in the cost of food, entertainment — depending on the location, this includes everything from acrobatic lessons and skiing to water sports — and even alcoholic beverages at many resorts.

Dining tends to be available in a variety of restaurant settings, so you shouldn’t get bored having meals at the same location, and excursions outside the resort also are available.

4. Off-Season Vacations

A great way to reduce the price of one of your bucket list destinations is to visit during the off-season. Not only will you save money this way, you’ll also be less likely to be frustrated by huge crowds and long wait times.

For example, in the Caribbean, you’ll find the best deals during hurricane season (June to November) and in the spring. Europe’s peak season is during the summertime, so price out your trip in the spring or fall.

Save even more on your vacation by using credit card miles to offset your costs.

5. Off-the-Radar Destinations

Sure, maybe the big-name amusement park isn’t in the cards for your budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a more reasonably priced alternative, either closer to home or in a state that you haven’t visited before.

Likewise, some of the best hidden gem destinations throughout the world are in cities that don’t regularly grace the pages of the travel sections and magazines. For some great examples of overlooked cities, check Price of Travel. You’ll see how far your dollar can go in a place like Pokhara, Nepal, or Beijing, versus San Francisco or Zurich.

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