“Am I missing out on credit card benefits?”

You may use your credit card nearly every day, making purchases at the grocery store and gas station—or buying your morning cup of coffee. Even though use your card all the time, there may still be some benefits that surprise you.

In particular, you may not be familiar with the additional perks beyond your credit card rewards program.

Before you purchase your next mobile phone, laptop, tablet or TV, check to see what benefits are built-in to your credit card. Your card may include some exclusive benefits like purchase protection and extended product warranty that can offer additional value (and give you greater peace of mind when you’re buying a big ticket item!).

Price Protection

Having buyer’s remorse after buying that big screen TV because you found a better price somewhere else? With price protection, your credit card may refund the difference up to a certain amount within a certain timeframe of the purchase.

Return Guarantee

Unhappy with your purchase and the retailer won’t accept the return? If you paid with cash or a debit card, you could be out of luck. However, some credit cards offer a return guarantee. They may refund the purchase price regardless of the store policy if you submit a claim within a certain timeframe of the purchase date.

Extended Product Warranty

Paying with your credit card for big-ticket items like electronics or appliances can help you rack up rewards. By using your credit card you could also avoid paying extra for an extended warranty. Some credit cards may extend the manufacturer’s warranty. Read the terms to see what is covered. Things like computer software, shipping, plants, perishables and services may not be covered.

Purchase Protection

Stolen smartphone or broken tablet? If you purchased the item with a credit card that has purchase protection you may be in luck. Some credit cards may offer a purchase protection plan from damage or theft when the entire purchase is made on your credit card.

Before making your next major purchase, if you’re unsure what your credit card benefits are, check with customer service. Not all features may be available to all cardmembers, or they may only apply to certain cards, so it is important to be aware of things like coverage limits. Check your credit card website or talk to customer service. By researching the specifics of your protection benefits, you can choose the credit card that will save you the most on your next important purchase.

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