As the crisp fall weather approaches, families often look for ways to enjoy days before winter settles in. Luckily there are some great, cheap fall activities that are fun for all ages. Here are five to get you started.

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1. Leaf-Based Collages and Crafts

Collecting fall leaves to create collages and include in various crafts gives you a reason to spend more time outdoors, as well as being a budget-friendly fall activity the whole family can enjoy.

While collecting the leaves, test your kids’ (or your own) knowledge of the different types of leaves and trees that you encounter. Next, decide on the type of craft you want to complete. Some ideas include:

  • Creating fall wreaths
  • Paper collages
  • Wax-paper coasters or bookmarks

If you want to get even more creative, visit Pinterest for more great ideas.

2. Apple Picking

Find a local apple orchard to spend a day outdoors picking apples. This is a favorite cheap fall activity of people of all ages. It comes at a low cost, provides a full day of activities and you head home with a lot of tasty apples.

Depending on the orchard, you may pay a small admission fee, as well as a cost per basket of apples picked. Following your day in the orchard, try a new recipe with your apples. Try making apple butter, apple preserves or even dried-apple snacks as another fun and inexpensive fall family activity.

3. Pumpkin Patches

This fall, visit a pumpkin patch instead of getting your Halloween (or Thanksgiving) pumpkin from a store. Pumpkin patches are often run by family-owned farms, and may also offer hayrides, corn mazes and other fun activities for families.

Visiting a pumpkin patch will definitely get you into the spirit of fall, and give you a chance to enjoy the last days of nice weather without spending a lot of money.

4. Hikes and Picnics

Finding local trails or parks for a family hike and picnic is a traditional cheap family activity that lets you enjoy the crisp fall weather. Even better, it provides exercise, scenic views and the potential for adventure.

Do a quick online search to find nearby local, state or national parks with maintained hiking trails and picnic areas along the route. Weather permitting, many parks also have mountain bike trails and other fall-related activities.

5. Local Outdoor Concerts and Sporting Events

As the summer’s outdoor concert season winds down and football season begins, take the opportunity to attend inexpensive outdoor events. Cheer on your local high school or college team, or sing along with the bands braving the cooler temperatures at outdoor stages or bandstands.

Depending on where you live, remember to bring an umbrella or extra jacket so you’re comfortable in the fall weather.

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Check Your Cash Back Points and Coupons

While researching cheap fall activities, you may want to check the balances of your points cards and money-saving programs.

In addition, coupon-based websites like Groupon offer deals for local attractions and activities.

Finding fun outings this fall doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, cheap fall activities offer some of the best opportunities to make wonderful family memories. And, even better, saving money in the fall leaves more money for the upcoming holiday season.

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