You hear the term “bucket list,” and all these epic, once-in-a-lifetime adventures come to mind. Something you spend years planning and saving for.

We beg to differ. With some quick tips for saving and changes to your spending habits, you’ll be checking off these bucket list experiences sooner than you think.

1. Don’t go to lunch as often—and go skydiving instead

Cut back on that twice-a-week lunchtime takeout habit and you’ll have enough to cover the cost of $250 tandem jump in less than 3 months 1.

Jumping out of a plane not your thing? Try indoor skydiving for about $100—or about 10 lunches out.

2. Save on groceries and treat yourself to that once-in-a-lifetime meal

Americans throw away 25% of the food they buy, wasting up to $2,275 for a family of four2 every year. Plan your meals—and simply buy less—to help save food and money.

In a few months, you could save $300 for a prix-fixe menu at a top restaurant. Wait another few weeks and you’ll have enough to experience the chef’s table.

3. See the Northern Lights by saving money on electricity

Upgrading to energy-efficient LED light bulbs can help you save around $300 a year3. Put that toward your trip and cover the $100 campsite fee for a 4-person tent in a national park—Aurora Borealis is visible from Maine to Idaho to Alaska.

4. Crush your bottled water habit, go grape stomping with the savings

For the $30 you might spend on a few cases of bottled water, you can stomp grapes and make your own wine at wineries in the U.S. Instead, carry a refillable water bottle and get your water from the tap or filter it at home—at least until the wine is ready.

5. Turn down the A/C and save enough to go up in a hot air balloon

A programmable thermostat can save about $180 in energy costs every year4. That’s enough to cover the $150 or so it costs for a hot air balloon ride. And the view from above will take your breath away.

When it comes to your own bucket list, remember that it could be more attainable than you ever thought. Look for simple ways to increase your savings, add a few affordable options, and you’ll be out there experiencing life to the fullest.

Wondering where to start? Get working your bucket list. Make a saving goal. Then take our savings style quiz to get personalized saving tips.


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