Quiz: How Prepared Are You to Handle Finances After Graduation?

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How Prepared Are You to Handle Finances After Graduation?

How prepared are you to handle your finances after graduation? Take this quiz to figure out if you’re already a master of your financial future, or if you need a little help. Because let’s face it, graduation can feel overwhelming. You might be stressed about job hunting, tying up loose ends (and loans) from undergrad, figuring out to handle your first credit card, or just trying to figure out what your adult life may look like. The last thing you need is one more thing on your plate.

Here’s a quiz to get you started! Answer the following questions and find out how much financial knowledge you possess — and where you may want to learn more.

A credit score of 800 is often considered:

Holding a credit card balance from month to month is:

You apply for an apartment rental, but your application is rejected due to your credit score. You:

What is a Card Identification Number (CID)?

Your bank will notify you if a payment is late:

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