There are a thousand ways to spend your credit card rewards. With cash back programs, you can purchase almost anything under the sun, and, travel rewards can help you get anywhere in the world. But the best reward might be using this bonus funding to make someone else’s day. Take a look at some ways to use your credit card rewards to be a hero to your partner, kids or even your favorite non-profit.

1. Deliver a Special Guest Appearance

Picture this: it’s your partner’s birthday and as you walk into her favorite restaurant there’s someone already at the table, holding a balloon. She’s confused at first, then lets out a yelp and breaks into a run so she can bear hug her best friend who lives across the country. It’s officially the best birthday ever.

Using cash back or airline miles to fly someone in for a special occasion can bring joy and create lifelong memories. The gift of time spent with loved ones is precious and you can make it happen with a dramatic surprise by using your credit card rewards.

2. Splurge on a Great Gift

Rewards can really add up when you use one credit card for the majority of your everyday spending, or to pay for frequent work travel expenses. You may find that at the end of the year you have a significant sum to spend. While there’s plenty of practical ways to spend extra money, having this bonus is a great excuse to splurge on someone else.

Take your parents out to dinner and a performance of their favorite play. Secretly purchase the big-ticket item your partner has been eyeing for years but never wants to break the budget on. Plan a special event for the whole family like a hot air balloon ride or behind-the-scenes tour of the zoo. You won’t regret turning your rewards into experiences your loved ones will never forget.

3. Charity Gifts with Your Rewards

Making a charity donation with your credit card rewards is a win-win situation. You can support a cause close to your heart without taking a hit to your monthly budget. Ask your credit card company if they allow you to donate cash back or airline miles directly to non-profit organizations.

4. Make Someone’s Day Just Because

Think of your rewards as an opportunity to be generous and spontaneous in a way that’s difficult to do when you’re sticking to a tight budget. Here are 10 ways you can make someone’s day:

1. Take your entire team at work out for a special lunch and foot the bill.

2. Send a thoughtful gift to an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.

3. Make a special date with a young person in your life and take them out for a fun activity.

4. Buy a number of magazine subscriptions for your local nursing home.

5. Make a donation to a cause your loved one is passionate about in their name.

6. Bring a family that’s having a tough time takeout from their favorite restaurant.

7. See what items a local homeless shelter needs and fulfill the list.

8. Book a hotel room for a night in your own town for a special weekend getaway.

9. Buy an annual museum membership for a young family.

10. Send your mom her favorite flowers or chocolates.

Consider these fun and satisfying options the next time you have credit card rewards to spare. Sharing the love makes life even more rewarding.

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