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Include your Discover Card account in your business accounting system.


It’s easy to use QuickBooks with your Discover Card account. First, you’ll need to register with the Account Center. Then, just enter important information like your Customer ID and PIN and you’ll be ready to retrieve your transactions. Review the frequently asked questions below for details on how to download your statement into QuickBooks.

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How do I download my account information into QuickBooks®?
Use the information below to help you set up your account in QuickBooks. Please enter all numbers without dashes or spaces.

Routing Number = 000000000
Account Type = Credit Card
Customer ID = Your Account Center User ID
PIN/Password = Your Account Center Password

The first time you download, you'll receive the last 24 months of statement data (if available) for you and your employees. After that, each time you download your Discover Card statement summary, your online financial services center will be updated, from the last time you downloaded information until the present.

You can also download statements directly from Online Statements to your computer, then import them into QuickBooks. Just go to the statement or statements summary you wish to download and click the "Download Options" button.

If you need additional assistance setting up QuickBooks, please call QuickBooks at 1-888-320-7276 or visit their technical support site.

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