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Discover iPad and Android Tablet App

Learn how to access your account from your iPad or Android Tablet .


Where can I download the iPad or Android Tablet App, and is it free?

You can download the free application from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon App Store.  You also can click the link for more information about the iPad and Android App.


I already have the phone version of the app on my iPad or Android Tablet. Is there a difference?

The new app is designed specifically for tablets and includes an increased screen offering you a high-resolution experience with tablet-optimized menus for faster, easier, and smoother navigation.


What features does the app include?

When using the iPad or Android Tablet App, you can: 
- View your account activity
- Pay your bill
- View pending and recent transactions
- View your statement
- Redeem your rewards
- Refer friends to Discover and earn extra rewards
- Register your account
- Reset forgotten user ID or password
- Contact Customer Service
- Update your Account Center profile


Are all redemption options available on the app?

You can redeem your rewards for Partner Gift Cards, instant eCertificates, statement credits, or electronic deposit into a personal bank account.


Can I use Discover Deals from the app?

Yes, Discover Deals are available on the app. Click the link to learn more about Discover Deals.


Can I view my pending and recent transactions?

Yes. You can view your pending and recent transactions under the "Account" heading.


I want to make a payment via the app. What do the different colors in the payment calendar mean?

The dates in orange are recommended dates to pick for your payment to post. The light grey dates are also usable while the dark grey are not.


I have a tablet that runs on a different operating system. Are there other tablet apps available?

At this time there is only an app for iPad and Android Tablets.


What if I lose my device that has Passcode enabled?

To protect your account security, we advise that you call 1-877-742-7822 to disable Passcode on all your devices. This will prevent others from attempting to log in to your account with your Passcode.


What happens if I forget my Passcode?

On the Passcode login screen, you can select "Forgot Passcode." You will then be prompted to log in with your user ID and password and create a new Passcode.


If I have Passcode enabled, can I still log in with my user ID and password?

Yes, you can log in with your user ID and password at any time by clicking on "User ID Login" from the login page.


What happens if I'm trying to log in with my Passcode and enter it incorrectly too many times?

For security purposes, you will be locked out of the application after 3 failed attempts. You can call 1-877-742-7822 to talk to a customer service representative about unlocking your account.


What if I have a question about the app?

If you have a question about the app, please call Web Support at 1-877-742-7822. For general questions, please contact Customer Service.


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