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What is a Billing Error?

Billing Errors include:
  1. unauthorized charges;
  2. charges for goods or services you have not received or accepted;
  3. missing or misapplied payments or other credits;
  4. calculation errors;
  5. transactions not clearly described or for which you need clarification; and
  6. failure to deliver a billing statement to you at your address on file.

How do I file a Billing Error notice?

To protect your rights regarding a Billing Error, you must contact us (or visit within 60 days after the Billing Error first appeared on a billing statement. Please include your name and account number, the date, amount, and type of Billing Error, and the reasons why you think a Billing Error exists. You may include any supporting documentation, although you are not required to do so. You can notify us of a Billing Error online here for online billing error or by sending a written notice of Billing Error to:

P.O. Box 30421
Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0421

You may also contact us on the Web:

Also, if you have not received a billing statement from us, please write us at the same address or visit the website above.

You can call us, but if you do, we are not required to investigate any potential Billing Errors, and you may have to pay the amount in question. The Billing Rights Notice included in your Cardmember Agreement, also available at PDF file opens in a new tab, explains your rights. For information about other disputes, click here for disputes information.

What happens when I file a Billing Error notice?

Once we receive your Billing Error Notice, we will write you to acknowledge that we have received it. Within 90 days, we will write to notify you either that we corrected the error (including refunding any related finance or other charges) or that we think no error occurred (including an explanation for our belief and any supporting documentation). If we identify a different error in our investigation, we will correct that error.

While we are investigating:

  • You may withhold payment of the disputed amount (including any related finance or other charges), but any other part of the bill not in question, including finance charges on undisputed amounts, must be paid in accordance with account terms.
  • You can also modify any of your scheduled automatic payments if you notify us before 5:00 pm ET on the day of the scheduled withdrawal.
  • We may not seek to collect the disputed amount.
  • We may not report your account as delinquent, accelerate your debt, restrict your account, or close your account because you failed to pay the disputed amount.

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