1. Authoring dialog

2. Styles/variations

3. Example visual design

4. Sample page for reference

5. Component info & details

1. Authoring dialog:

2. Styles/variations & Example visual design:

Breadcrumbs with Arrow Delimiter

Breadcrumbs with Line Delimiter

5. Component Info & details :

Component info
 Component Group   PPR.Content
 Component Name  Breadcrumb
 Component Type




 Help Path  /dfs-help/en/component/breadcrumb.html
 Component Path  /apps/dfs-ppr/components/content/breadcrumb


 Tab  Label  Type  Required  Notes  Default
 Properties  Navigation Start Level  Number Field   Y  The level at which to start the breadcrumb: 0 = /content, 1 = /content/site, etc.  2
   Show Hidden Navigation Items  Check Box  N  Show navigation items that have been marked hidden via their page properties.  
   Hide Current Page  Check Box  N  Don't display the current page in the breadcrumb.  
   Delimiter  Dropdown  N    Arrow