Our Business Practices

We adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct. We believe that accountability, transparency and good decision-making support our business, serve our customers and create value for our shareholders.

Committee Composition

Independent Directors

Audit Committee

  • Candace H. Duncan (Chair)
  • Joseph F. Eazor (Member)
  • Daniela O’Leary-Gill (Member)
  • Beverley A. Sibblies (Member)

Compensation and Human Capital Committee

  • Daniela O’Leary-Gill (Chair)
  • Thomas G. Maheras (Member)
  • Jennifer L. Wong (Member)

Nominating, Governance and Public Responsibility Committee

  • David L. Rawlinson (Chair)
  • Candace H. Duncan (Member)
  • Joseph F. Eazor (Member)

Risk Oversight Committee

  • John B. Owen (Chair)
  • Kathy Lonowski (Member)
  • Jennifer L. Wong (Member)