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Diversity at every level

Board of Directors

Directors & Officers

Who is Discover®?

Employee representation

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Race and ethnicity composition of US salaried employees
Race and ethnicity composition of US hourly employees Women represent 47% of salaried employees in 2021 Women represent 74% of hourly employees in 2021 Ethnicity representation among tech roles at Discover Women represent 27% of tech roles at Discover

Employee self-id representation in 2021

Investing in talent

Different experiences and perspectives strengthen our company.

We offer a sponsorship program that supports Black and Latinx directors, managers, and individual contributors

We seek top talent through diverse candidate slates and diverse interview panels

We launched a neurodiverse hiring program to help support greater inclusion

For more information on our DE&I approach, download our 2021 report.

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Updated 06/08/2022

All data is US-based as of 12/31/2021 unless otherwise specified.
Current data on gender is measured Men/Women. We recognize this does not represent the full spectrum, and we will be updating our measurement in the near future.