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Together we make it happen

Real change is a team effort. Employees across the company are encouraged to participate in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), vital communities that advocate for identity groups and greater allyship.

Lesbian • Gay • Bisexual • Transgender • Allies

Helping Organize Latiné Achievement

Black Organizational Leadership At Discover

Asian Professionals At Discover

Honoring Military & Veterans

Professional Women Impacting Results

Strive for Disability Empowerment

Native American Leadership at Discover

After I started at Discover and learned more about the APAD ERG, it sparked my interest to once again be involved in my community. I am working on becoming more involved in civic engagement for the Pacific Islander community in my area now.


Lead Operations Strategy Analyst

Everyone belongs here

We want to honor every part of employees' unique identities and give each one a voice. We invite employees to participate in anonymous opinion surveys with questions focused on inclusion at work. The aggregate measure of their responses makes up our Inclusion Index, which we use to monitor progress toward our Inclusion North Star Goal.

I work in a place where I can be myself. I have received nothing but acceptance here at Discover.


Associate Training Specialist, Customer Service

Diverse talent in our future

We don’t just look for those who fit our culture, we want candidates who will add to our culture. We’re expanding our search for talent in places we haven’t looked before, partnering with organizations to find diverse candidates locally, nationally, and globally.

Here are a few of the organizations we've partnered with to find top talent:

Recruiting new graduates

Through our Emerging Talent Acquisition and Development program, we recruit college students from different identity groups to experience the dynamic culture at Discover.

Recruiting people who are neurodiverse

In 2022, we launched Neurodivergent Connections. We celebrate and leverage the gifts and strengths that neurodiverse talent brings to the workplace.

Developing leaders

We partner with several leadership training programs that help advance diverse representation for all people leaders.

At Discover, you can stand out and still belong. See where you fit in here.

For more information about Diversity, equity, inclusion, and social impact at Discover, download the Social section from our latest Corporate Impact Report. You can also download the full Corporate Impact report from the previous year.

Download Social Section
Updated 05/29/2024